Eco-friendly Company

Eco pic tiltWhen I started to write this, it began to sound a little bit like the Brownie promise. You know, “I promise to do my best, do my duty to God, to serve the Queen…” you get the picture. Laura Jane PA is an eco-friendly company and I wanted to put a statement on my website, something that my customers could hold me accountable to.

To start with, if something isn’t being used, it isn’t switched on. Every hour you don’t have your printer switched on, it saves 0.5kg of carbon dioxide a week, as well as saving your fuel bills.

As you know, I work from home, so there are a few things I can guarantee. All light bulbs are energy savers and, because my husband is Scottish, the thermostat is always turned down slightly. Did you know that by doing this, you can save 10% on your energy bill as well as the environment! 

FullSizeRenderIf it doesn’t need to be printed, it won’t be printed. I am not a fully paperless office, however, I will try to invoice you and send you as much as possible electronically. Any paper with personal information that needs to be disposed of will be shredded. If it doesn’t have personal information, it will end up in exactly the same place as the shredded paper, my paper log bin. Basically, all paper that comes into my house gets soaked for five days in water and then made into a paper log which in the summer will be burnt in our barbecue or outdoor fire. This means that any personal information definitely doesn’t get seen and we have a lovely eco-friendly way of heating our homes.

I will always try and purchase things locally. If this isn’t possible, I will always try and bulk buy, therefore, cutting emissions in the delivery and the amount of packaging used.

I will always use eco-friendly products in the house…sorry, I mean office. Whether this is recycled paper, non-toxic pens or cleaning products, it is all the same.

One of my biggest vices is that I love a good list and you will find them everywhere at home, just ask my husband! So this is my public pledge from now on. I will stop using paper lists and use Wunderlist and Trello apps (other apps are available) and the stickies function on my Mac and PC instead. I will stop using paper copies. This may take a while but I promise I will get there.

img_4526_dawes_duchess_rutland_cyclingI will work remotely as much as I can, reducing travel emissions. If I do travel, I will try (and I mean try) to use an eco-friendly way of travelling, so either my bike or the train. There will be times when I have to use my car but I will keep these to a minimum.

Reduce, reuse, recycle…this is what we want to do!

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