Are you a twit when it comes to Twitter?

Are you using Twitter for your business? If not, WHY NOT! Yes, it can be used by some to stalk, harass and be…well…plain rude to celebs but it also has another amazing function. Twitter is a unique platform where you have no choice but to cut to the chase

mqdefaultYes, Twitter has changed its character limits recently, meaning that an image, weblink and Twitter handle (that is your name btw) no longer counts as those characters, but that still means that you only have 140 characters to get your point across! If you are unsure of how long, the bold bit at the start of this blog is as long as would show on Twitter. Is that more or less than you originally thought?

 downloadThe correct posting time and audience is key with Twitter and this is not something that most people really understand. I mean, it is easy to Google ‘What time is best to post on Twitter’ and see the many articles that tell you the optimum time to post, however when is good for YOUR clients is the key question. To find this out, I carry out an analysis into who your clients are and when and how they use social media. This is what makes my service unique. I take the time to get into your clients heads and think about what they want to see and when.

 If this is something that interests you, then you need to get in touch with me today.


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6 tasks you can delegate to me…your future VA…that will make a massive difference in your life.

Hi! Owen Mathias Photography

  1. Create content –  I will send your newsletters, set up your blog, your social media and so much more using our schedule and plan
  2. Content organisation – I will organise, gather and plan your content for reporting to specific groups
  3. Writing content – Do you feel like you are always trying to create new, original and innovative content for social media, blogs, website and newsletters? Stop dreading the time that you sit down and plan the week and hand it over to me. I will create you original content as well as sending you a content schedule/plan so you can approve it. Over time it will become second nature just forwarding certain links to me and knowing that all your platforms are kept up-to-date.
  4. Grow your audience – I will spend time analysing your target market and growing your audience on social media. I will then introduce ways that we can grow the audience of your blog, newsletters and website. 
  5. Emails – Does your phone say that you have hundreds of unread emails? Shhh, don’t tell me, it makes me twitch! Don’t worry, that what makes me good at my job. Stop having hundreds of unread emails and let me monitor your work accounts. I can make sure that your clients have replies to all the standard questions in a reasonable timescale. How is this done? Well, you and I sit down and create our own fact sheet using the things that you are most frequently asked via email ( this can also be applied to Facebook business pages) and field off as many questions as I can. Something I don’t know comes up? Don’t panic, you and I will find the best way to communicate it, be it voice notes, WhatsApp or Facebook. We will talk and I will reply for you. 
  6. Diary Organisation – Do you miss appointments or double book? Realise that you’re missing key opportunities? Don’t panic. I can create an interactive online calendar that you and I can update at any time. This means that you need never miss another appointment again. Someone wants to arrange a meeting with you and you don’t know when you are next free? Just pass them my mobile number. I can provide you with some of my business cards and you can hand it over, asking them to contact your PA to make an appointment. 


Delegating can be a real challenge. Katie Burgess of Cardiff Bridal Centre gave over the reins of her social media to me and now she doesn’t know what she would do without me. If you want to read her opinion, she has written a testimonial. You will soon realise that it is very liberating and addictive, as Sarah Cook of SHC Social Media says in her testimonial as well. 

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3 Things that you REALLY need for a paperless office

We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and by introducing paperless offices and adapting the the needs of the client

Eco pic tiltThis is something that I have been aiming and pledging to do since I started by business in 2014 by having the Eco pledge.

Here are three things that I would recommend getting or doing if you want to be paperless – well as close as you can!

  1. Scanner or an app like iScanner

A scanner will convert any paper that you do have into computer files. A scanner can cost as little as £50, however if you don’t want another piece of equipment in the office you can download an app like iScanner which will allow you to take a picture of a document and it will turn it into a PDF file that you can save electronically.

   cloud-hazel   2. Cloud

No, not the things that you lie on the trampoline with the small people and watch float by saying they look like random things I mean the electronic cloud. This is a means of storing your newly converted electronic files on the internet instead of on your physical PC/Laptop/Tablet you use. It gives you some security now that you have moved to paperless working and have shredded those hard copy documents to save space.

There are several ranging from Dropbox, iCloud and GoogleDrive. They all do the same thing.

     Owen Mathias Photography 3. A Virtual Assistant…LIKE ME!

If you hire a virtual assistant, like me, then I can store all your things in the cloud for you. I also can advise you on how to make your specific office paperless..

There you are, three things to help you start off in making your office a paperless one.

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It has been a while

So it has been to long! I am sorry! I have been doing a blog for my charity, My Discombobulated Brain. I have been setting it up and neglecting you wonderful people. Again, sorry.

I have had a crazy few months. I mean I have set up a charity, I have qualified as a Life Coach as well as being fully trained to train people in Time Management, Complaints, Social Media and Customer Service.

It has been nuts. But I am back now and it will be hard for you to get rid now!!


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Been a wee bit quiet

Firstly let me take this time to say sorry that I have not been around for a while. Well I
have been around I have been working hard for all my wonderful clients. I will have a cool blog for you super soon as some crazy, sexy, cool (TLC reference!! Ok if you don’t know who they are I am old and you need to Google) stuff has gone on in my wee world! I will leave you with this picture of me and my baby girl in matching PJ’s at Christmas.

2015-12-25 10.23.57-2 Missed you lot! 

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I’m back!!

2016-02-18 10.10.00I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been super busy and then this week I made sure I had
some family time. This was planned, however, the true extent was forced upon me when the recent storms that hit my in-laws in Scotland caused their internet to completely pack in! So imagine this…in the car…on the driveway — it is a farm so at the bottom of a lane — in the rain and wind, which is so bad the car is moving — checking my email etc! It was as funny as it seems.

2015-12-24 14.11.57But, instead of being stressful, which the few days before hand getting everything done so I didn’t have lots to do on the drive were, I had such a relaxing time. I went for walks, we went sledding on the frost and spent some quality time with my in-laws. 

2015-12-24 21.05.42

Why am I telling you about how great I am feeling? Because taking the time out has reminded me why I do what I do, but more importantly that time out – true time out – is a necessity. Reading in front of that open fire a non-business book and being with the kids is necessity! 

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2C04F89B00000578-0-image-m-16_1441578120202Now this is a weird one. As you all know, I have two kids, Jack (6yo) and Poppy (2, sorry nearly 3yo) and we are a close family.

I mean, the first time that jack has slept away from BOTH parents was the night that Poppy was born (we have both been away separately, IMG_7279but one parent had always been with him). Now, since having two kids, they have had, I think in total, three nights away from us both and one was the 20th Jan. One of my Christmas Present from Henry was tickets to see Jason Isabel in Bristol. He had arranged for the kids to stay over. Now the funny thing was, we both were as sick as dogs losing in our battle to fight Poppy and Jack’s colds we had been having for ages. But damn it, we went, had a great time and I, (not Henry, he went to work) had a lie in until 9am before my 10am meeting!!! AMAZING

However, Jack is growing up way to quickly. He spent the 17th at my parents over night without his sis as they took him to the panto. Then this Saturday to Sunday, he is at Beaver camp. Now I miss him! Poppy misses him and Hen misses him. Poppy misses him so much she sleeps in his bed! 

 Now, I know I should celebrate the freedom, spend time with the husband etc but I can’t help but feel guilty when they sleep somewhere else. I mean they are my children, my responsibility, the true loves of my life.  

end-times-jill-greenberg-1One of Jacks friends passed away before Christmas and he has truly handled it well. Me, on the other hand, it has made me not want to let him out of my sight. To hold them more. To tell them every single minute that I love them. Jack is very proud to be Frazers friend as, due to organ donation, Frazier went on to save 8 lives. To Jack, he is a superhero. 

Frazier’s mum has set up a charity called Believe, which is to get people talking about organ donation. T o support this, Jack and his karate group are doing a sponsored kick – 50 kicks in one minute (it is actually harder than you would think)! If you would like to donate, please comment and I will get back to you. 

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OS  DIGITAL RISK MAITANDI was in my previous job for 8 years and the one before that, a year. However, the thing that I am learning about being self employed is that change is a regular occurrence. Before, change scared me and I have spent the last year on edge thinking that when contracts aren’t renewed, it is something that I have done, that I am not good enough and that I am plain useless and cant do this! 



I have had one main client now for a year and that contract is coming to an end for no negative reason. The company has grown and need someone there full time. This is not for me. When I was first told, I was sad, scared and started to be bloody hard on myself. However, I realised – hang fire, this could be the start of something amazing.

And you know what?…I was right. It made me go out and network. It made me get out of my comfort zone and do the things I have been putting back. 

shutterstock_55931275I, finally, started to set up my mental health project, My Discombobulated Brain. I started to reach out to people that I wanted to work with. People who or whose product I believe in. The reason behind this is that it is way easier to be a part of something if it excites you. If it gets you right there in the gut. 

Now I am not, by any stretch, saying that the work I don with my longest running client doesn’t excite me – it really does. I mean, I am SO BLOODY HAPPY that they have grown, had their investment and need someone full time.  I feel that is a huge part of what I do and it appeals a lot to the mumma side of me – the nurturing development of it. 

 download (1)I am a completely different person to who I was when I started with them and that is down, a lot, to them. They built me up, stood by me and picked me up, sometimes literally! I have made some life long friends whom I will never be able to pay what they have done for me back. 

The key thing that I am learning is change is good. yes the battle of the finances is a graft but you know what…it is worth it, every darn second!

Also I got to quote the late, great Bowie for the title so to make you smile here is his video for, ‘Changes.’

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 47 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Harry Holland

Today’s blog is about Harry Holland a man that I have been lucky enough to work for. Harry is an amazing artist!

Harry Holland

Harry Holland is widely regarded as one of Britain’s best craftsmen, producing technically brilliant and very beautiful paintings.  His style is distinctive and immediately recognisable, something which every artist seeks. 

thumb_7261944The paintings are suggestive in the sense that they imply situations, events, or relationships that are not directly expressed; this fills them with an engaging sense of mystery.  A master of painting, Holland works with uncompromising commitment and sincerity to produce art that is intense and rewarding.  He has a predominant interest in the formal and technical aspect of painting.

Born in Glasgow in 1941 he spent his childhood in various parts of the UK settling in London in 1949.  He trained at St. Martin’s School of Art from 1965-69 where he first exhibited in 1969.  In 1973 he moved to Cardiff where he lives and paints today.

joniI am very lucky to class this gentleman as a friend. Yes, Laura but why are you telling me all of this! Well, Harry has relaunched his website and is putting great videos showing him sketch and draw. Harry has had an amazing career, I mean even Joni Mitchell (yes THE Joni Mitchell) has one of his pieces. He is also going to be doing a blog once a month and you would be mad to miss it!

Watch this time lapse video and marvel in the amazingness!


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