Summer, summer, summer time!

The days are getting longer, we lost that hour of sleep (thanks a lot daylight savings) but it is finally coming, that is right, screw winter is coming it is all about the summer time! 

Ok if your a parent there maybe minor dread about the six week holiday that will ensue but forget about that and think of being warm in your bones…oh right we live in the UK so lets go with slightly less frozen, yes I know I should let it go – see what I did there!!! 

The problem is that as a business owner it isn’t always that straight forward, who will answer the phone, what about my emails? So many entrepreneurs end up taking their work on holiday with them because they feel they have no other option.

Going away on holiday really doesn’t have to be a problem when you are in business, we all need a break. While you are relaxing with a beer by the pool I am here to help you with anything that you need, be it invoicing, chasing payments or replying to email. Nobody need know that you’re away! 

So when you next hear your friends wife complaining that they are always interrupted when on holiday by that, “bloody mobile phone” give them  my details!

Not ONLY can I help your business when you are away I can also help you get away! That is right I can help you organise and arrange your trip be it a UK staycation or a trip of your dreams I can help you research and find accommodation and travel as well as excursions etc. 

That’s right I am your cure for the summertime blues.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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