The C-word

I will be honest I never thought that I would write a blog with that title or live through something such as a pandemic that is truly going to have an affect on all our lives. 

I cannot tell you that everything will be ok. I am worried about friends and family who are classed as at risk. I am worried about my income as I work with small businesses, who if they can’t get work, neither can I. However there is something that I am not worried about.

I am not worried about feeling alone. I am not worried about never seeing the positive again as if there is one thing this has shown (apart from the other C words who are stockpiling – sorry mum for implying rudeness) that people can pull together. Seeing the people of Italy come together singing on the balconies truly has given me hope. Talk to my bezzie about how we are going to deal with having the kids at home has given me hope. Knowing that I have some amazing clients, gives me hope. Knowing that I have freaking awesome kids who are kind and want to protect us, gives me hope. Also, my husband, who is all right, who is the calming force when I am stressed out, who provides if I falter at anything, give me hope. 

So that is my message. There is hope. Yes, it may be a rough ride for the next few months but we have each other. Reach out, help a neighbour, never give up. 

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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