Poorly Poppy

Meet my little Popstar she is 6…nearly 7 as she will shout at me as it is her birthday this month. On Sunday 8 March Hen (the hubster) and I were watching the rugby (he is Scottish) and we realise that the boy child was singing (that is not unusual!) but the girl child was awfully quiet and as any parent know, quiet does not often equal good!

I went upstairs to have a looksie and found that she had made herself a bed on her bedroom floor and had put herself to bed. She announced she wasn’t feeling very well.

To make sure that we all spent some quality time together on Sunday night we had a family cwtch night where we watched one of the kids fav TV shows, Clarence, and if we are honest as parents we watch it when they are not around!!

Sadly the little lady then puked in the night! Puke is not my forte let me tell you. I have a weak tummy, but also I knew that as self-employed I had more of a chance of moving things round to be able to look after her than Henry. My gorgeous clients were lovely and I managed to move everything around.

Why have I told you all this? I wanted to explain to you that all your work will always be done, I may need to move some face to face items around, however your family, and mine always come first.

This is why small companies need virtual and freelance assistance as you need to make sure that you spend time with your family and not doing those administrative tasks making sure you don’t miss out on those key moments and poorly cuddles.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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