Keep on keeping on!

That is right you got this! Blogs, they either flow or they don’t so what should you do!

I challenged myself to keep blogging this year as I, like many others, dip in and throw out LOADS of content and then will disappear for a period of time as they no longer flow. If I am being honest with you, which I like to be, I am writing this one on the day of release as nothing has been right in my writing over the last few days and that is why I am writing about this topic.

I have been writing virtual assistant truth bombs left, right and centre since the start of the year and this week, well being honest, nothing felt right and although I sometimes believe that sometimes the best thing to do is be quiet – something that my husband wishes that I would take on board more than I do!!! I know, that from a business perspective consistency is key!

This doesn’t just mean for me, it also means for you. You have to show up. You have to commit. Not only is blogging sometimes hard but so is being self-employed and you know what you need to step up to the plate day in day out, even in the rough times.

Why am I telling you this. Blogs help your business. VA’s produce blogs for their clients. I am a VA. Not only lto VA’s produce blogs for their clients, so do copywriters and I am super proud to not only work with one of those bad boys but two, meaning that I can always find you someone whose style of writing and tone of voice suites you and your business.

Keep on going, even when it is tough, keep blogging and keep showing up!

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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