Let me give you ten good reason why you should let ME plan your next event

Now I will give you ten reasons, however I wonder if you even knew that I was a qualified event and wedding planner, an events planner for a company as well as helping arrange and organise one of the most prestigious Business award ceremonies in South Wales each year. 

If you still need ten reasons to work with me to plan your event here they are!

1.  Plan Your Event

You have an idea but not sure how to execute it…I gotcha! Tell me your idea and give me a week and I will present you with a plan! 

2. Find a Venue

I will present you with several available options within your specified price range. I will have checked that they are free for you and have all the information for you to make the decision that is best for your event. 

3. Invite Your Guests

Whichever way you want to invite people to your event from Eventbrite to printed invitations I can sort it for you.

4. Manage Responses

How many people are attending? Are they the right people? Do we need to invite more? Let me deal with the stress and you just give yes or no answers! 

5. Manage Payment

I can deal with the money side of it all from ticket cost to invoicing and even paying the staff on the night!

6. Promote Your Event

If I don’t know them someone I know will! Let me spend the time getting your event out there to the people that need to see it and be there. 

7. Arrange Transport/ Accommodation

Do you need taxis? A minibus? Let me sort it out and I can properly get a really good rate for guests, making you look good. 

8. Find a Caterer

Finding the right caterer for the right price can take FOREVER, so let me do it…so far you just have to turn up! 

9. Offer ‘On The Night’ Support

I won’t leave you on the night…well, I will leave you alone. I will be present at the event and make sure it runs smoothly. If anything doesn’t go to plan you won’t know about it as it is my job to fix it and your job to have a great time! Right now I imagine myself as JLO in the Wedding Planner…but I won’t run off with your husband! 

10. Follow Up

I will do all the follow-up from thank yous to feedback. From briefing you about who was there and anything that you need to know and more. That is right, before, during and after. I will give you an all-round service. 

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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