Addicted to Frozen 2? How I can help you?

Long story short, I can’t! I mean it is bloody awesome. From being lost in the woods to making sure you do the next right thing. there are a few ways we can turn it into • lessons for business-ok I may fail but I love it so much I wanted to write a blog about a film other than Star Wars!

Olaf, he’s your work wife/husband. Your support, however, I do need to share it will not ‘all make science when I am older, as I am heading towards order and everything doesn’t get answered- BUT-you do have more support and love. which makes it okay that it doesn’t make sense.

Anna is the Optimist, the one who when you feel like you want to jack it all in who tells you it is all going to be ok and they remind you of the why and seem to have that magic in them to make you smile – I am super lucky to have a few of these in my life!

Finally Elsa. I think as someone who is self-employed you
have to have a little bit of Elsa on you… What do I mean?
Well, shes stubborn, persistent, inquisitive and bloody fierce. It isn’t an easy ride being self-employed. I mean I hate to break it to you its not all coffee shops and PJ days → though they can happen. Some days it is a slog. Hard grind, long hours and tight cash flow. But, like Frozen 2 the hard work and persistent pays off when you go ‘into the unknown’ and you discover “the one I’ve been looking for all of my life” (Show yourself) it is totally worth it.

Ok, I am done but I will leave you with one final note” Reindeers are better than people!”

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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