4 things people worry about when outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant

1. Giving over passwords and sensitive information

Ok first, I don’t need to know your inside leg but let’s be real sharing your personal details and private business information with a complete stranger can seem very risky.
By law I am not allowed to share any private information regarding yourself or your business unless instructed to do so, not to mention the GDPR laws PLUS the HUGE confidentiality agreement that I sign for you means this is not a worry. I also have ways to keep all my client info safe and separate and when we start working together I will show you and explain how I do this. Hopefully this elevates any worries…however back to the inside let! 

2. A VA will not be able to do my job as well as I can
You may feel that a VA will not be able to carry out your tasks as well as you can yourself and you will spend lots of time teaching me and showing me how you do things so what is the point.

Now, sorry to be cheeky but if you could do everything you wouldn’t feel frazzled and you wouldn’t be looking at a VA! So let me tell you something about me. I am the Princess Leia of admin, if I can’t do it I know someone who can, let’s call them my CP30 and R2D2s (can you tell I like Star Wars) and there is something else you need to know. I CANNOT BE YOU and NO ONE ELSE CAN BE YOU IN YOUR COMPANY. You are what makes the company unique so listen, sometimes the way you do something can be done by someone else and I promise that I do listen.
Before you get started we will have a big chat and we will discuss, in lots of detail, what you need and if you have any preferences of certain things. This will ensure that you are happy and can get back to being you and allow me to use the force!

3. I won’t know what my VA is doing and for how long

First things first you have to trust me, but I get if you don’t at the start. So to help you I use an online program called My Hours to register my time. This then calculates the cost and I can, if you want, print you out a timesheet that shows you what I did when.

4. Your too expensive
When considering using a VA you may feel that it is not worth the investment and consider doing the work yourself to save money. Remember I am giving you back time that you can put back into the business as well as time with the family. You may look at the rate and thing “huh!” but you need to remember you don’t pay tax, pay annual or sick leave or any of those wonderful things. I sort that.

Yup, that is right, I don’t work, you don’t pay me! I mean HELLO BARGAIN! 

Look not only can I help you with the tasks you need done I can set you up on systems and train you how to use them saving you EVEN more time! Outsourcing and hiring someone like me can really help you grow your business. But it is really important that you and your VA click. We are a good community and if we meet and don’t work I will certainly know someone who you will click with! Remember I want to be part of the solution not the reason you have stress.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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