3 Things that you REALLY need for a paperless office

We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint and by introducing paperless offices and adapting the the needs of the client

Eco pic tiltThis is something that I have been aiming and pledging to do since I started by business in 2014 by having the Eco pledge.

Here are three things that I would recommend getting or doing if you want to be paperless – well as close as you can!

  1. Scanner or an app like iScanner

A scanner will convert any paper that you do have into computer files. A scanner can cost as little as £50, however if you don’t want another piece of equipment in the office you can download an app like iScanner which will allow you to take a picture of a document and it will turn it into a PDF file that you can save electronically.

   cloud-hazel   2. Cloud

No, not the things that you lie on the trampoline with the small people and watch float by saying they look like random things I mean the electronic cloud. This is a means of storing your newly converted electronic files on the internet instead of on your physical PC/Laptop/Tablet you use. It gives you some security now that you have moved to paperless working and have shredded those hard copy documents to save space.

There are several ranging from Dropbox, iCloud and GoogleDrive. They all do the same thing.

     Owen Mathias Photography 3. A Virtual Assistant…LIKE ME!

If you hire a virtual assistant, like me, then I can store all your things in the cloud for you. I also can advise you on how to make your specific office paperless..

There you are, three things to help you start off in making your office a paperless one.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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