2C04F89B00000578-0-image-m-16_1441578120202Now this is a weird one. As you all know, I have two kids, Jack (6yo) and Poppy (2, sorry nearly 3yo) and we are a close family.

I mean, the first time that jack has slept away from BOTH parents was the night that Poppy was born (we have both been away separately, IMG_7279but one parent had always been with him). Now, since having two kids, they have had, I think in total, three nights away from us both and one was the 20th Jan. One of my Christmas Present from Henry was tickets to see Jason Isabel in Bristol. He had arranged for the kids to stay over. Now the funny thing was, we both were as sick as dogs losing in our battle to fight Poppy and Jack’s colds we had been having for ages. But damn it, we went, had a great time and I, (not Henry, he went to work) had a lie in until 9am before my 10am meeting!!! AMAZING

However, Jack is growing up way to quickly. He spent the 17th at my parents over night without his sis as they took him to the panto. Then this Saturday to Sunday, he is at Beaver camp. Now I miss him! Poppy misses him and Hen misses him. Poppy misses him so much she sleeps in his bed! 

 Now, I know I should celebrate the freedom, spend time with the husband etc but I can’t help but feel guilty when they sleep somewhere else. I mean they are my children, my responsibility, the true loves of my life.  

end-times-jill-greenberg-1One of Jacks friends passed away before Christmas and he has truly handled it well. Me, on the other hand, it has made me not want to let him out of my sight. To hold them more. To tell them every single minute that I love them. Jack is very proud to be Frazers friend as, due to organ donation, Frazier went on to save 8 lives. To Jack, he is a superhero. 

Frazier’s mum has set up a charity called Believe, which is to get people talking about organ donation. T o support this, Jack and his karate group are doing a sponsored kick – 50 kicks in one minute (it is actually harder than you would think)! If you would like to donate, please comment and I will get back to you. 

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