Harry Holland

Today’s blog is about Harry Holland a man that I have been lucky enough to work for. Harry is an amazing artist!

Harry Holland

Harry Holland is widely regarded as one of Britain’s best craftsmen, producing technically brilliant and very beautiful paintings.  His style is distinctive and immediately recognisable, something which every artist seeks. 

thumb_7261944The paintings are suggestive in the sense that they imply situations, events, or relationships that are not directly expressed; this fills them with an engaging sense of mystery.  A master of painting, Holland works with uncompromising commitment and sincerity to produce art that is intense and rewarding.  He has a predominant interest in the formal and technical aspect of painting.

Born in Glasgow in 1941 he spent his childhood in various parts of the UK settling in London in 1949.  He trained at St. Martin’s School of Art from 1965-69 where he first exhibited in 1969.  In 1973 he moved to Cardiff where he lives and paints today.

joniI am very lucky to class this gentleman as a friend. Yes, Laura but why are you telling me all of this! Well, Harry has relaunched his website and is putting great videos showing him sketch and draw. Harry has had an amazing career, I mean even Joni Mitchell (yes THE Joni Mitchell) has one of his pieces. He is also going to be doing a blog once a month and you would be mad to miss it!

Watch this time lapse video and marvel in the amazingness!


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