Christmas Traditions

11855667_10153556074987442_2245968308611609691_nWe are all in the thick of it. I mean, this week alone I have had two Christmas dos – a third tonight, a school nativity and countless questions to why can’t I open all the doors of the advent calendar!

 But I do really love this time of year, especially nowIMG_4397 I have kids. There is nothing more amazing than seeing them happy and excited, in awe of the lights and decorations. As adults, we lose that and I for one am trying to bring it back into my life and live the wonder like them.

12342428_10153773203157442_4380311720577637269_nAnyway, back to the title…traditions. One thing I love is finding out people’s Christmas traditions. Every family has their own ones for many different reasons. In my childhood, the rule was you ate breakfast before you went into the living room to see if Santa had been – he always had…like you would even question if I was on the nice list! gummiebearsAlso, every year, my dad and I would watch a video of a ZZTop documentary and then Gummi Bears.

IMG_0035In my husband’s home, they would all go into his parents room, sit on the bed with his parents and open their stockings. I have other friends whose traditions range from one present before church to one present on Christmas eve.

One of the things you don’t really think of when you get married is how to combine these traditions, what do you keep? If any!

My-Favorite-Christmas-Tradition-Is-300x300We have created our own family ones- mainly as we couldn’t agree on any bar Gummi Bears! So here are ours:

•           New Christmas Eve PJ’s

•           Not 5am!

•           All go downstairs together

•           Take it in turns, we watch and interact it’s not a free for all! This includes the cat!

•           We have a lot of candles…a lot – Sainsbury’s Christmas scent is the best

•           Homemade rum truffles – lots of rum

•           Homemade Christmas cake – A LOT of sherry

•           Champagne and beer

•           Sainsbury’s red currant jelly

•           German gingerbread  


What are yours? I would love to know.

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2 comments on “Christmas Traditions
  1. Caryl, HR Dept says:

    My favourite tradition my sister and I have (we always spend Christmas together) is we start the day off with Christmas margaritas. They are no different from others but drunk at Christmas! Our kids open their stockings first at home then we all get together to see the kids open their big presents together. It really is the most magical time of the year. Nadolig llawen pawb!


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