Why Social Media is good!

I have put a wee list of reasons why you need to be on Social Media. It just so happens that this is something I can help you with. I can give you a social media plan, analyse your social media or even run it for you! So here is the list:10-Tips-to-Buying-Gemstones1-239x300

  • It allows you to create relationships with your audience and helps to build trust. It makes your business seem more human and something your audience can relate to.


  • You can receive instant feedback from your customers, which gives you a valuable insight into what it is they are looking for and allows you to react quickly.


  • You can share your message with a large potential audience as quickly as possible.


  • You can increase your audience and find many more potential customers by being visible.


  • It is easier on your budget than traditional marketing channels. Facebook and Twitter may make it difficult to reach all of your followers without paying for ads, but they are still a cheaper alternative even if you go down the paid route.

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  • You can learn about your audience, something that is key to your success. This allows you to target your audience more effectively.

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  • You can learn more about your competitors too, helping you stay ahead. What do they do well and what do they do badly?


  • Social media is an easy way to direct people to your website. Get more shares and you increase your search ranking as well.


  • It helps you to increase brand awareness by being more visible in the places your customer are. Everyone is on social media! Remember, this also means that you have to be responsible for what you post.


  • Whether you are on social media or not, your customers are and they could be talking about you. Why not talk back?

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