Here comes Christmas

 baahumbugNow some people might put me in the category of bbbaaaa humbug, but I don’t start Christmas until December. This is for two reasons, one I am married to a Scot who won’t let me do it any other way and the second is that it is my eldest’s birthday on 18th November so up to then it is just all about him.

 So with Christmas coming, everyone is starting to think about the Christmas Holidays! Are you wondering how you are going to do your social media, emails etc over the holidays? I have the answer…ME!!!


Sorry that turned into a sales pitch – not really sorry…or am I? 

crazy ffamily But anyway! December is the really crazy time for business’ and families so it is a time when you may find that someone like me in my role, where you can utilise me for as much or as little time as you need, could be useful! I can do things from Christmas present sorting (oh yes I do that too!) to sorting your social media and answering your emails over the Christmas period. Want to send a Christmas newsletter but don’t know who to or have time…call me! 

 Yes, ok, this was a total sales pitch!

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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