Crying again! Thanks John Lewis.

john-lewis-logoCongratulations John Lewis, once again you have made me cry with your advert! I think this one resinates with all of us as we all have parents and grandparents. However, I wonder how much pressure they are under each year to produce this masterpiece that costs them 7 million pounds!

cocaCoca-Cola started this trend when they created the Christmas Coca-Cola Truck back in 1995.The thing is, Coca-Cola haven’t really developed this any further, because they haven’t needed to. They are such an iconic brand that once they decided what they wanted a Coca-Cola Christmas to look like, they never needed to change it. They made a handful of Christmas adverts and have remained the icon that they are. People, including my family, have Coca-Cola advert competitions where the first person to see it contacts the rest and announces they have won – we all then owe the winner a drink. The biggest problem for me is they tend to do it during X-Factor and I don’t watch it, which tends to mean that I end up having to buy one of this lot a drink! familyIn fact, the advert should be first shown in the second ad break of the X- factor this Saturday should you play! 

The advertisements may cost millions and millions but how many of you buy into it? It may seem like a giant outlay but the revenue that they make from it and making them an iconic brand is worth every penny.

iron brewI think that it is time that I share with you my all time favourite Christmas advert. As most of you know, my husband is Scottish so we sometimes spend Christmas in Scotland and that is where I saw this. The Iron Brew Christmas advert. The best one ever so sit back, get that hot chocolate and enjoy my favourite advert.

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