USP…well thats me

What is your USP? USP

When I first started in this crazy world of self employed this was the most asked questions and for a long while I would blag my way through it and hope that people would move on. Only now, nearly nine months in (WOW) do I truly understand how and why this is important.

cropped-cropped-ljpa_master_logo2.jpgLet me take you back in time to when I started. I have a wonderful friend who is a designer who designed my logo (Hi Alex!) He always said that one of my USP – especially visually for a logo is my glasses which I wear all the time. I never really understood it – a designer I will never be!

Now I get it! I totally get it! I went to a networking meeting and handed out my business cards and went away. The next day I got an email from someone who wanted to work with me, mainly because they remembered me as I was wearing the glasses in my logo. It made me memorable, that is my visual USP but what about my business USP?

IMG_4325My business USP is ME! That is right I am short, crazy, a mummy of two who LOVES what she does (and occasionally wears a dino tail!). You need to think about your USP. It is important and key. You need to know and believe in it. 

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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