Playboy….say WHAT!!!!

playboy marylinRecently I have been thinking about one of my original blogs and thinking that I need to revisit it. I was sent an article by a FEMALE friend (yes, that is actually important to the story) who saw this and thought of me and it is from an interesting source. Playboy…yes Playboy!

Haven’t you heard? There are no boobies any more! They ACTUALLY focus on the articles!

So many of these are true. I mean I rarely take lunch breaks, I don’t know when to stop – it is after 9pm, the kids are in bed and I am writing this now.

I am loving my work and yes, there are days that I work completely in my P.J’s, no make up and don’t brush my hair! But then there are the days I go into the office. Those I cherish. I love the offices that I go to. It gives me a blast of reality and has introduced me to some of the best friends that I have – Hi Queen B – and hopefully will keep!

WFHI think that my biggest, ‘I agree!’ moment when reading the article was with number 9. People assume you are free when you work from home. The amount of times my wonderful husband has come home and asked why the house hasn’t been cleaned, or my childcare find out that I have been at home and ask if I can have the kids whilst I work. I mean I love my kids. My kids are bloody epic, if I do say so myself, but it is as near as damn it impossible to work when they are at home. They don’t understand that I need to concentrate, they don’t understand not to pull the power cable, that I am filing or that I need quiet to talk to a client and do you know what – I don’t want them to! I want them to always know that congrestionthey are as much as a priority as my clients and work, as I know that so many children relate work as a negative thing. Something that takes the parents away from them. I know that mine certainly used to. Getting the balance right when you work from home is key. I spoke to another friend – hi Sarah – who just reminded me that 5 minutes is NEVER just 5 minutes. When you try and do that, you loose an evening with the kids!

So, enjoy the article and actually reading the articles in Playboy. I mean, guys, for years you have been saying that you are only reading Playboy for the articles…haha.


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