Try to be original

jmpWhen you start out in business the four things that pop into your mind that are immediate. Name, website, business cards and social media. You spend ages getting the right name. Something that encompasses you and everything that you are and stand for. You jump on social media and make sure that your name is free and grab it quickly before anyone takes it and then comes the website and business cards as well as where I feel we, yes I include myself in that, jump in too quick.

There are companies that advertise low cost large amount of business cards and when you start in business it is really imageseasy to go to them and have a ‘generic’ card made. We think it is better to have a card than none at all and sometimes to a degree you could be right, however if you are handed a business card at an event that is the same as someone else as you have used the same template as someone else and it is on thin card they do get looked at and judged. The first thought can be, what makes them different to every other person that has this business card? My advice, it isn’t the easiest decision at the time and I fell victim to the low cost websites, invest. Stand out, get a quality business card because people do judge! Now this leads onto the website, and again I am talking from experience.

hink outside the boxYou see adverts all the time on the television and on the internet that say buy your domain name, hosting and build your website using our template we are the best. Yes, you can build your own and some people can do a really good job. If you have contacts (Hi Joel) that can help you it will do the job, however what I want to tell you is if you are setting up a business and you want to stand out, make sure your website does. Make sure it is you and it isn’t full on stock photos that you see on every website. Look at your competitors, review what looks good and what doesn’t. There are amazing people that can build you a website at a reasonable rate. Make sure that you are not under selling yourself or your product because you are awesome! There is no-one like you in this entire world, remember you are an individual and that is why people buy into your business…YOU!brand

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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One comment on “Try to be original
  1. Sarah says:

    Another FAB blog congrats Laura! And yes I agree although we’d like to think we won’t be judged on our business card or our website etc and people will just like us for who we are (in a rose tinted world) it really isn’t reality! Investment in yourself and your biz is crucial!


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