Hashtags why?


My mother always said that you should always try and make someone smile first, so here is either a brilliant or awful use of a hashtag.

IMG_4757The reason I think that this could be brilliant is it got the press talking. In fact, poor Subo’s album party hashtag went viral. I think it got her more advertising than if it had looked innocent. I actually believe that it was an amazing marketing plan.  

Hashtags divide people. Many wonder why on earth they would use up some of their precious 140 characters to put this thing at the end.


 Hastags are useful and not always about One Direction – I promise! Here are the stats to back me up! Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement of those without and if you have one or more hashtags, the tweet is 55% more likely to be retweeted!! It means that you can search and see all the people that are tweeting about the same thing.

downloadFor example, @PNDandMe does a Perinatal Mental Health Support Hour on
Wednesday 8-9pm using the hashtag #PNDHour.Women from all over the world tweet support or that they need support at this time using the hashtag and women reply. Hashtags can be used for good!

Hashtags-graphicI recently went on a Social Media course run by the beautiful Sarah Cook – Hi Sarah!!! – that made me realise that I, an avid hashtager, (however I don’t over hashtag, don’t get me started on that!) am not using them in the best way for my business. She has made me take a step back and review how and what I use as a hashtag. 

If you want any advice on hashtags etc, get in touch!

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the mention Laura! Have a fabulous weekend x


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