This week has been a little crazy, four day weeks always catch me off guard as when you’re in 9-5, it is a celebration (less days), but once you’re self-employed, it turns into a panic to fit everything that you need to do into the short week! 

I have had an amazing week. I have had meetings with some beauties and collaborated with some of the best! I had a mum moment where Jack (my 5yo nearly 6!) went back to school to start year one! He looked so smart and he ran in without looking back! To this day, I still don’t know what door his class is as he arrived and just left me, after a kiss and a hug! 

 He was desperate to go back to school as, in his words, the summer holidays were soooooo long and he missed his mates. I mean, we tried to see as many as we could but with both myself and Henry working, when we were off we tried to have our own mini adventures. We packed in as much as we could to the summer holidays and, to be fair, I thought that they were pretty good! 

christmas-countdown-2014-5-700x700 Where I am heading with this is time perception. As an adult, we constantly say things like, where has this week gone? Ooooh it is nearly Christmas…Henry and I had a conversation about why this was and one theory that Henry came out with was that in Jacks life span, 6 weeks is a way larger percentage if his life so far than it is of our 32 years. Now that could be true but I also think that it is down to attention span. With Jack (and Poppy) it is the here and now. Life goes from Poppy’s Birthday, Mummy’s Birthday, Daddy’s birthday, Halloween, Fire Works Night, his birthday and Christmas. Now there are MONTHS between the majority of these events but every time one passes the next one has to be NOW. What he loves, he loves 100%. What he does, he does at 100miles an hour. 

 IMG_2116Whereas, I put things off. I can procrastinate with the best of them, yes I am organised and that is my business, but with sorting out the washing, filling the dishwasher…ask Henry! I am up there with the best (worst). In fact, he said yesterday that my most used line in the evening is; “Don’t worry, I will do it tomorrow.” You see, I think that is the same with most adults. We get into a routine. Now Jack is in a routine as in he gets up at a time, goes to school, has lunch, comes home, tea and then bed. BUT the bits in-between are super fun. He draws, he plays, he runs, I mean this kid lives his life. I think that is it. He LIVES his life. How many things have you put off because  you are scared, it may be hard work or you’re just not sure. Then how many of those things have you done and they have been AWESOME!!! What is that….the majority of them, yup me too!

IMG_4477So let’s take a lesson from the teacher’s pet 5…sorry nearly 6 year old…lets LIVE. Do things that scare you, do things that challenge you! Yes, to Jack, 6 weeks is crazy long and to us, it is short, but surely that just means we have to cram more living into our time!

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