One thing I am in the process of creating for you is a pack of several downloadable PDF’s with tips to help you. I thought that I would give you a teaser (though not in the cool format diabetes-tipsthat it will be soon)! Let me know what you think of them. I hope that they help you. 


LJ’s top 5 points for writing a kick-ass sales message!

1. Write Like You Talk

A friend once told me the reason they like how I wrote, was because it was a natural. Because it was how I spoke with them. We are continuously bombarded with sale pitches on everything from toilet doors to food packets. 

Write with your heart, speak as if you were speaking to them face-to-face. Remember to show them that you are human, don’t be afraid to share personal stories, don’t be afraid to be you. After all it’s you that you want them to identify with because people buy from people.

2. Tell the Truth

Be honest. If you can’t do something say so, there is nothing more harmful than a lie. It breaks trust and trust is the most important thing you can have with your client.People will tell five popel when they’ve had a good. honest service and double if it is bad. Be accountable for everything you say.

3. Talk in Their Language, not in industry code

 When I work in a really specific industry, I can come home and talk about my day to my husband and him not understand a single word I said because I used industry code. If you speak to people in industry code, they switch off. They don’t understand what you’re saying, which means that they will stop caring. 

4. Be Specific

Being specific means that you instil confidence in your product and that makes you more credible. I like a quote from other clients, give examples of exact projects I’ve done etc.

The more specific you are, the more trust they will give you, because you are proven. They will not question your rates, because other people have paid this rate and you have proved your worth.

 5. Get to the Point

 Depends on your business, audience and what you’re trying to sell. However, there is one thing that we’ve all learnt from twitter: concise will always beat wordy.

If you need to have long copy, no problem. But avoid upping your text with statistics and additional examples just to make it longer. Just tell them what they need to know, and just what they need to know. Everyone is busy, and everyone just wants to know the key points.

 Final Thoughts

The key thing with a sales message is to be real. Be authentic and don’t write for the hell of it. There is no such thing as perfect copy because we are all different. Stop stressing about following templates and formulas because you are you! Write from the heart. Authenticity will win every time.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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