Catch up on my zzzzzzzz’s

kindleA few weeks ago I shared about my health and my sleep patten. I would like to say that I am on top of everything and I am epic, however I am only human.

Positives first; I am going to bed earlier. I have, to the massive annoyance of Henry tried to ban electronic devices from our bed room – however I know he has his phone in there. I had done a lot of reading about blue light and also had realised that I was, for no reason other than I could, going to check emails, social media and many other apps instead of trying to go to sleep. I have begun to use my kindle (it is one without a backlight). This has really helped. I am sleeping better. I have really had to put my foot down with myself and only work late on certain days.

I have started to work out more, this really helped me with focusing on work and getting going in the morning. I always said healthy body, healthy mind. I have always said this, but I don’t always live it and I am trying!

IMG_0468The negatives; I am still not getting a full nights sleep. Now this can be for many reasons. The small people that rule our house, my cat, my wonderful, wonderful husbands snoring but it is getting better. Other negatives involve Greenman. Now I am currently there as you are reading this and this has come at health kick time. Now this is a time of fun, music and I will have a beer. Greenman is also a positive and really clears the brain as there is nothing more amazing than live music in a field and face paint. It is our family time and we all love it, however there is only so much  pasta and sauce that you can make on the camp stove so we do end up eating the best chips in the world…the Hippy Chippy! If you ever see it buy, buy, buy!

Anyway I am still working on sorting my head and body out and I will keep you all up-to-date! Keep smiling and pray that the weather holds for me as I am currently in a field!


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