Hidden Talents

This week, I have been thinking about the people that I am very blessed to know. This blog topic will go on over a few weeks as there are so many of them, however, I want to show you something that I have learnt about presumptions.

This couple is one of the loveliest and coolest that you will meet. Here is Andries playing TMNT with Jack at my daughters Christening in 2013 (Rosie seems to have escaped!)


oooh that is possibly Rosie’s arm on the RHS


Some of you will recognise them, however, I had no clue what they did. All I knew is that they were Rosie and Andries, friends of my friend Ricardo. My little boy, Jack, gravitated towards Andries. Maybe it was his stature, maybe it was because he was sat next to his best mate – Ricardo, but either way he became a firm favourite. At the end of our second meeting, someone approached me and said, “You know that he is the Cardiff Blues Captain, don’t you!”

article-2548132-1AA83DB800000578-486_306x423-230x317Having no clue about rugby (yes I know I am Welsh, but football is my game), this meant nothing to me. What it meant was that instead of wanting something (fan girling over him or talking rugby), I got to know him and his wife. They are two lovely people, however, people sometimes miss that. People see a Rugby player and a Welsh International Netball player (sorry, I forgot to mention that not only is Rosie beautiful, she is an International)! People forget to look below the surface and look at what they do and not who they are.

I have a few more of these amazing friends. This is Tori. Tori and I recently met 1304torijames-3after several months of communicating about Sport and West Wales. Look at her. What would you assume? Meek and mild? Now Google her, Tori James.

Tori James Google

Yup, this meek and mild young lady was the first ever Welsh Woman and, at the time, the youngest female to conquer Everest. That’s right people DEATH ZONE!  She hasn’t just rested
on that though, 
oh no – challenge after challenge, she continues to inspire young people to achieve their dreams. But if you live in Cardiff, you have probably walked past her in the street and wouldn’t have even thought….

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