Scary? No petrifying!

IMG_9082Ignite…the most brilliant and petrifying experience of my life. Previously I would have said that walking up Ben Nevis for the John Harrison Foundation last year was that, however Ignite, congratulations you are the 2015 title winners and it only happened end of July! 

I embraced it, I decided that if I was going out of my comfort zone I wasoverthinking going to run into it and not just dip my toe in. I spoke on Mental Health. I spoke open and honestly for the first time. It was hard and emotional, but boy was it liberating. At the end so many people came up to me and thanked me, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I didn’t completely screw up, but it be good…mmmmm. I went home afterwards and was on a high, it probably helped that the kids were away for the night so I had a full night sleep, but this high didn’t leave for a few days.

Ignite inspired me, educated me and it recharged me and it made me realise that you can make a difference. All the speakers were amazing and I was lucky enough to share the bill with a friend of mine, the comedy genius of Matt Gallivan here is his Twitter and here is his talk! I can confirm that he is like that all the time!

So I am going to stop blabbering on and just give you the link. PLEASE let me know what you think about the talk and if you want to talk to me get in touch through Twitter, Facebook, email, telephone, comments anything just remember to talk.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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2 comments on “Scary? No petrifying!
  1. Matt says:

    Laura you are too kind…

    Your talk came from the heart and from personal experience, it was moving and eye opening. I loved it and would have thought you had done public speaking for years. So when are you doing another one.



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