Did you miss me?????

11745898_10153497681647442_4991636207792524078_nDid you miss me? I would apologise but I had a totally amazing time away with my family. We had no phone signal and no wifi. Totally cut off, just a field, nature and my crazy family!

So when you come back from holiday you tend to take it slow, but not me! Straight back to working with my gorgeous clients and then I spoke at Ignite Cardiff on Wednesday.

ignite wales logo 

Let me tell you about Ignite Cardiff. The first Ignite took place in December 2006 in Seattle and now has events throughout America and Europe. Ignite invite regular people like you and me to speak on a subject of their choice that they are truly passionate about. It definitely isn’t a forum for self-promotion or a marketing tool, so you won’t be bombarded by sales pitches.

What will get are a number of 5 minute talks, accompanied by 20 powerpoint slides that automatically transition every 15 seconds to keep the speaker succinct. Getting the talk to match with the slides is an art form in itself, so there is no time for waffle, which for me is hard! 

overthinkingIgnite Cardiff, launched back in 2008, was the first of its kind in the UK!

Ignite Cardiff hosts around 450 people every second month at the Glee Club in Cardiff. Tickets are like gold dust!

You can find lots of information on their website www.ignite.wales

I am not going to tell you any more as the video is released next week and I will put it in next week’s blog, but I thought that I would whet your appetite.

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