I was staring at the computer knowing that it was blog day and that I hadn’t written anything as I was feeling ill. My sickness had started at the beginning of the week, manifesting in tiredness and a wee bit of a sore throat. But being self employed and a mumma I just got on with it. I didn’t listen to my body and kept going. Henry (the husband) went away with work for the night and instead of embracing the lack of snoring, I ended up working super late then getting up early to take the children to child care. Upon reflection, I have seen my health deteriorate all week through the little things and I let it get as bad as it was last night where I couldn’t swallow. 


BUT for once in my life, I made a clever devision. I sat down and realised that I am self employed. The key thing with that is – if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Not only that, my gorgeous 5 year old had won the opportunity to represent his year in his school talent contest, so I have to be better! I took the grown up decision. Yes, I know! I went to bed just after the kids, so super early. I took paracetamol and then went to bed. I have woken up feeling so much better and I have decided that this is the best way to get this sorted. I am working from home today which is more relaxing for me.

 So why am I telling you about my illness? It has really made me think about my business and what it is I do.  I am my commodity. My brain, my expertise, my experience and me is what I sell. If I do not look after this commodity then I have nothing to sell. I think that this is really important for all self-employed people to realise. 

So sleep, rest, look after your mind and body and you will be a better commodity for your clients.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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