Rest and sleep – sometimes my two favourite things and sometimes my biggest enemy.

You can live without sleep for 11 days, however, it isn’t something that is recommended! You start to experience performance impairment after 25 hours and it just gets worse from there. For example, after 20-25 hours it is the same as if you have 0.10 percent blood-alcohol level. This is the equivalent of around 3 pints, I have been told, and is over the level that you are allowed to drive. I mean, when you have children you get use to working off less sleep, although this is something that is not through choice. I can guarantee that if you asked any parent, they would love a lie in on a Saturday that is past 7 or 8am! (This is a lie in to us parents!).IMG_3627

Everyone has their own natural sleep patten.I sleep better from 3-10am which is a nightmare now I have children (or if you live with an Opera singer who loves to practice her scales at 7am.… Hi Horners!) My brain works best in the evening, it always has done. I am really lucky now that I work for myself as I can have one or two super duper late nights and then subsequently lie in as two days a week Henry takes our children to their childcare, giving me the chance to catch up on sleep.

On my other days when I go into offices, this is not such a good thing. There is nothing worse than lying there with your brain working at 100 miles an hour and you trying to get to sleep as it is never going to happen. The perfect example of this is this blog. I was lying in bed desperately trying to get to sleep, despite Henry’s wonderfully musical snoring, and I wrote this about four times in my head and do you think
that I can remember any of that now? No!

That can be the most frustration thing for us ‘night workers’ losing ideas. I did start to go to bed with a note book and paper, however, I found that I would then end up turning the light on and waking up Henry. I then took my phone to bed, but found that once I started writing it was hard to do 

laptop-woman-in-bed-at-nighton the touch screen so the only other option for me is my laptop and I know that if I do that, I will never get to sleep as there is always an email or something to do that will only take five minutes!

I am trying to reprogram my brain to turn off at night and work at optimum levels in the day. I don’t know if this is possible. Some people think it is and some people think that it isn’t. I am currently somewhere in the middle.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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4 comments on “Rest and sleep – sometimes my two favourite things and sometimes my biggest enemy.
  1. Sue Adlam says:

    Isn’t it funny when something drops into your newsfeed that is currently very relevant! I’m about to start a 28 day change programme to do just what you have suggested you would be interested in doing! Working with my personal coach, I am going to trick my inner chimp into thinking that when I am in reality relaxing, I’m actually working! So I can change my pattern and get to bed earlier, be less tired, be more productive etc etc… I’m going to blog about it, so do you want to join me? I’m going to do a daily diary blog.
    Sue 🙂


  2. laurajanepa says:

    Hi Sue

    This sounds super exciting can you drop me an email so we can arrange to talk?


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