As I am sat here in my office, I am reminiscing about Easter weekend. You see I went to my in-laws farm in Scotland.


It was dry (ish) and not freezing (ish). The farm had puppies which were soooo beautiful and as you can probably guess took up a large amount of our time. I mean playing with them was amazing!


That weekend we got involved with the lambing and it just reminded me that the first step is the hardest. I mean once I had started I was on a roll and nothing could stop me, but that first moment, that first time that you are not 100% sure of the outcome that was the scariest!

This reminds me a lot of when I started my business. The hardest moment wasn’t when I got clients. It wasn’t doing the work. It was taking the leap to leave ‘secure’ and ‘safe’ employment. That first step, the unknown.

So whilst I am looking at a different horizon, our garden has nothing on the farm, and I don’t have the joy of walking to the stables to play with puppies I am as content as I was that day. Why? Because I am not scared. I have taken that first step, yes I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that I will work my butt off and that I will always do my best.


I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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