This is the start of my fourth month running my own business and I am really getting into the swing of it. I am so happy and I am really enjoying all the challenges that are and will happen in the next few months.

I have been really reflecting on the decision that I made to leave my permanent job and go into this world of self-employment. The positives outweigh the negatives and the three comments that beat any negative are from Jack, a Family friend and Henry.

Jack says I am a better mummy, Henry notices I am happier and a family friend said that I looked healthier and happier. I can honestly say that I do feel better.


My friend Emma (Hi btw) didn’t set herself a New Year resolution, she decided that she was going to do a year of mini adventures instead. So far she is kicking its butt and she is achieving so many of these mini adventures that she set herself. I have decided to come into this a bit late, however, in my defence, leaving work was a BIG adventure, so I am sure that that covers me for 6 months, right?

To make sure I don’t back out of my challenges, I am going to write some of them here!

* (Hopefully) I will speak at Ignite Cardiff ignite cardiff

* I will take my son to see Star Wars as soon as it opens…and dress up! star wars

* I will try one new food each month that I have never tried before  eat_your_colors_crunch_a_color

* Read Alice in Wonderland every Saturday with Jack and Poppy alice

* Cycle as much as I can  img_4526_dawes_duchess_rutland_cycling

* Spend one night a month on me  Owen Mathias Photography

* Relax with my kids and be that crazy fun mum IMG_8876IMG_3200

* I will take my dad to see ZZ Top at Wembley zz-top_11-19-13_24_528aae4b8525a



I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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