Not the norm….


It is blog day, however, it is also National Mental Health Awareness week, so instead of a blog I really would urge you to read a blog that was written by several people and posted by the amazing Claire Greaves (Follow her on Twitter @mentalbattle). She is one of the most inspirational people I have met. There is so much I could write, however, I just want you to hear it from her.


If you only ever read one thing I post, I hope it is this.

She also did an amazing talk at Ignite Cardiff and I urge you to watch it here

Claire did not know until the tweet went out that she was this weeks blog. Being honest, I didnt know. However, as the week has gone on, I knew that this was what needed to be posted today. 

Claire is a true mental health hero. Thank you for speaking out.

Love L xxx

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