Working in my onesie!

When you say to someone, “I work from home” they say, “wow I bet you just working your onesie or from bed or in your PJ’s.” Now before I started as a freelancer I use to get really annoyed with this concept. I mean working from home means I am working and it’s something that I’ve had to communicate to my husband and my parents, who are my childcare, and I’ve had to explain that just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I can actually have the children or I’m cleaning the house or doing the bills I’m actually working!

However, I do have a little bit of a confession! When you work from home and are freelancing you pay all your own bills. So when I worked in a company I would get up, have a shower, get dressed, drive to work. I would then be provided tea, coffee, water, heating, air conditioning in the summer, electricity, toilets, toilet paper, soap, well actually I would sometimes take my own, paper towels to dry my hands! Then my mug would be washed with the work dishwasher and my food cooked with the microwave that they provided. The place will be hoovered, I’d have a computer, a printer, all things that I will need to work would be provided. Now if I need anything I provide it and that cost gets factored into my costs.

Now here is my freelancing confession. I do sometimes work in a onesie. In fact sometimes I wear my onesie that has a hood and ears! Also…hold the front page….I sometimes work in a hoodie jumper dress, with my pyjama bottoms and welly socks! Also the hoodie dress is a One Direction hoodie dress…oh yes…1D baby!


In the winter I work in my living room and in the summer I work in the conservatory. The fact is I do this to keep my overheads down. Keeping my overheads down means that I can pass the savings onto my clients. This means I’m more appealing and that I can spend the money, rather on heating and those sort of overheads, on the best equipment so I can do a better job for my clients.

Owen Mathias Photography

Who am I kidding I just love working in a onesie!

I feel the need to quickly add in here that I do Skype and FaceTime a lot with my clients and I am appropriately addressed during these meetings and I am not wearing one direction jumper dress or onesie!

Owen Mathias Photography

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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