Hudson & General, Artisan Timber Crate Maker

I met Andrew Hudson in Whitehall, yes I have made it! We were both there representing people with mental health issues meeting Nick Clegg. Andrew and I got on very well and I really thought that people would benefit from hearing his story. So let me stop talking and let Andrew take over…


I am Andrew Hudson, the creator and maker behind Hudson & General. I suffer from depression and it is the passion for woodcraft which has helped me as part of my recovery plan. The making of crates and products from timber helps me with achieving good mental health and is ‘my medicine’.

The making of the crates is real therapy, in that it requires a high level of concentration, which takes the mind off those negative thoughts and provides a great deal of satisfaction with the completed product which, in turn, raises self-belief and self-esteem.

It was during my recovery period from depression that I started a company that makes artisan timber crates called Hudson & General. We are located in a small rural village north of Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District and design and make bespoke vintage style crates and products by traditional methods using a combination of sustainable, locally sourced, new and reclaimed timber.

As part of Hudson & General and our engagement and compassion for people, I talk openly about my mental health and the positive outcomes from my experience and journey in order to help others. I do this by sharing my thoughts and experiences through events and public speaking. Also, the selling of my crates enables engagement with people and provides a platform to talk to members of the public about their own mental health and mental health in society. This provides me with great satisfaction as hopefully it helps others and encourages people to be open and to end the stigma associated with mental health.

I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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