Five reasons YOU should hire ME!


Everyone loves these lists that say why you should do this and why you should do that! So I am jumping on that bandwagon and giving you 5 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant…or more to the point, ME as your virtual assistant!

They’re not in any order of importance, just in an order of how they enter my brain.

1. You know where you are financially – If you are concerned that you cannot afford to add another member to your team, or even add the first member, good news! I am self-employed, so there are very few overheads. I do all my own tax and you don’t have to do PAYE and NI responsibilities. I cover all my own costs, with equipment, training, insurance etc which means you know exactly where you stand with an all-inclusive rate or package.

2. You only pay for the time I work or for the project that I do— no sick pay, no holiday pay, no maternity pay, no breaks away from the desk during working hours. I am the type of person that is perfect for anyone needing regular support but not for enough hours to justify employing someone on a permanent basis.

3. I will take away those things that you would rather clean the oven than do! – If you have tasks that you really hate to do, that you’re not very good at or simply don’t have time for…that thing there, that is my job! I understand the implications that these things have on your business. I am a business owner as well. I provide you with a high calibre of service, often exceeding what you would get from part time or temp employees.

4. Independent Woman! – Once you are up and running with me and you have given me instructions, you can just let me get on with it. Trust me, if I have any questions, I will ask you. However, with all my experience, it means that I can get on with it. In the meantime, you can focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your project or tasks are being taken care of.

5. Business knowledge – I am a business owner and I am able to see the bigger picture. I am a highly trained individual who provides a very high level of support compared to a regular employee. Not only will I carry out the requested tasks and projects, I also am a good listener and am happy to be a sounding board for your ideas and plans.

If you think this is me blowing my own trumpet (toooottt tooottt!) check out my testimonials page to see what others say about me.


I am a 30 something Virtual Personal Assistant

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